Dr. Nesterenko and his staff are the best! He went over all of my options, and explained in detail the spinal fusion procedure before my surgery. I can now enjoy being mobile again! If you are seeking help with back pain issues, I would highly recommend you visit with Dr. Nesterenko.
I loved him and his staff. The girls were so sweet. I was very satisfied with the surgery he did on me. He totally stooped the sciatic nerve pain, and by taking out the C disc I can write plainly again..So happy for that. I had a problem with the anesthetic but it was not his fault. It was i have kidney disease and it was hard to flush the medication out of my system. I would totally recommend him to everyone and if I need more surgery I would definitely go back to him.
Had lower back surgery on three herniated disc. Dr Nesterenko was able to examine me and preform surgery very quickly. When surgery was complete i woke up with instant relief,there was no more pain down my legs or pressure in lower back. His staff and the hospital was as good as you can get!!
Dan King
Dr. Nesterenko and his staff are very professional and attentive. My diagnosis and subsequent surgery was a complete success and the pain is totally gone. I recomend Dr. Nesterenko to anyone with back problems.
Dr. Nesterenko has always taken his time explaining things well. His bedside manner is wonderful. It is very rare these days. He is a kind and compassionate doctor.
excellent great bedside manner. very concerned about is patients
Insisted that we try everything possible to avoid surgery. Pain was gone as soon as I awoke from surgery and have had none since. Caring attitude toward patients. Always had time to carefully answer all of my questions. If any future spine surgeries are necessary, Dr. Nesterenko will be the surgeon.
Gary Clingman
Dr Nesterenko is a superb doctor and skilled surgeon. His staff is caring and professional. I had an excellent result with his care.
G L Clingman,
Hobbs, NM
I would recommend Dr. Nesterenko any time, He did back surgery on me the end of Jan, this year, i am in the healing process but have been very pleased with the results, there is no pain like I had, i am weak but have started therapy, to gain strength. I feel very lucky to have found Dr.Nesterenko.
Dr. Nesterenko is a very nice doctor, very friendly. He answered all my questions. He has very good knowledge about my pain. I am so impressed with his treatments.
very precise on injury, able to understand easily on procedure at hand. surgery has taking away pain in hands with more feeling in fingers after many years with out. have long time for recovery now with the outlook being very promising now..very blessed to have a surgeon n staff to be caring an helpful most thankful for that always.
Very helpful and concerned for future care.
shana strange
Everything about my back surgery was wonderful! Dr.Nesterenko, his PA’s and nurses were kind, thoughtful and caring. When I went to Dr. Nesterenko I was in severe pain, couldn’t walk very far before the pain made it almost impossible to go on. After my surgery I am no longer in pain! I would definitely recommend Dr. Nesterenko to anyone in need of a spinal surgery.
He is the first doctor that has listened to me and even cared. Non has ever asked me or seem to care of how I have to live in pain every day until I met him today. Thank you.
I came to Dr. Nesterenko because my knee would collapse and I would fall. I needed surgery on lower back. Dr. Nesterenko was very thorough in explaining the procedure and took ample time for our questions. After surgery gave my wife detailed report. Dr. Nesterenko is a delightful person. I recommend him without hesitation.
Troy Lilly
I had fusion of the L2, L3 and L4 a year ago. I can't express strongly enough the excellent care and concern I received from Dr Nesterenko and his entire team. The pain I had in my leg and hip for 8 years is completely gone. Dr Nesterenko took all the time I required to explain my condition and answer all my questions before surgery and the nurses and PA's - Edwin and Sixtus are all top flight.
bobby webb
My wife used Dr. Nesterenko for back surgery. She had a laminectomy and discectomy. His staff got her in immediately for an evaluation. They prescribed tests and medications to help her until he came back in town. She then saw him and he gave us options which we chose surgery because nothing else we had been trying was working. He was very compassionate and professional. She is now 7 weeks post op and getting her life back with minimal pain and doing great. Her life prior to surgery was walking with crutches when she could walk at all. She had seen other doctors who didn't even listen to her symptoms. Dr. Nesterenko and his PA Edwin listened and asked her questions to get her the best results. If you need orthopedic spine help we recommend this office for results.
There was never a time after my first meeting with Dr. Nesterenko that I didn't have hope. His confidence was more than enough to know I found the right Orthopedic Surgeon. I was definitely lost and felt as if my life and professional career were no longer something I could manage and the pain had taken control of my life. Dr. Sergiy Nesterenko gave me my life back. For the first time in 4 1/2 years pain does not run my life. Thank you to the entire Grace Clinic Team and God Bless!
2 weeks after Laminectomy surgery, the recovery and pain relief were as good as expected. I would use Dr. Nesterenko again and recommend him to others.
Michael “Doc” Dale
I was quite apprehensive about neck fusion surgery.
However, after several meetings with Dr. Nesterenko and Marygrace Johnson NP, I felt better about the procedure. Surgery was successful and my recovery has been more comfortable than I imagined. I can’t say enough about Dr. Nesterenko and his staff.
Thanks to all at Grace.
Doc Dale
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